Chaque tournoi organisé par Azcanta Tournaments permet de gagner des AzcanTix pouvant être échangés contre les lots présentés ci-dessous.

LotsPrix en ATix
Booster Standard10
Booster Khans of Tarkir20
Booster Modern Horizons20
Booster Ultimate Master50
Booster Iconic Master30
Liliana of the Veil280
Noble Hierarch150
Snapcaster Mage230
Engineered Explosives80
Liliana, The Last Hope180
Arclight Phoenix80
Jace, The Mind Sculptor440
Monastery Mentor60
Chandra, Torch of Defiance60
Search for Azcanta60
Vendilion Clique80
Surgical Extraction180
Chalice of the Void180
Inquisition of Kozilek30
Thing in the Ice60
Assassin's Trophy50
Goblin Guide80
Death Shadow70
Fatal Push20
Abrupt Decay30
Kolaghan's Command70
Walking Ballista70
Mox Opal300
Fulminator Mage40
Kalitas Traitor of Ghet60
Dark Confidant200
Teferi, Hero of Dominaria150
Karn Liberated220
Karn, Scion of Urza80
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon250
Cryptic Command100
Flooded Strand80
Polluted Delta80
Bloodstained Mire100
Windswept Heath60
Wooded Foothills100
Arid Mesa140
Marsh Flats140
Misty Rainforest200
Scalding Tarn320
Verdant Catacombs200
Hallowed Fountain40
Watery Grave40
Blood Crypt40
Temple Garden30
Stomping Grounds40
Sacred Foundry40
Godless Shrine40
Breeding Pool40
Steam Vents40
Overgrown Tomb30
Celestial Colonnade60
Inkmoth Nexus60
Sulfur Falls40
Spirebluff Canal50
Horizon Canopy220
Cavern of Souls240
Jadelight Ranger30
Hydroid Krasis90
Vraska's Contempt30
Settle the Wreckage30
Lyra Dawnbringer50
Nexus of Fate40
Dovin, Grand Arbiter30
History of Benalia30
Rekindling Phoenix40
4 Lava Coil20
4 Pteramander30
Goblin Chainwhirler20
4 Light up the Stage20
Treasure Map20
Teferi, Hero of Dominaria MYTHIC800
Thalia, Guardian of Tharben60
Kaya, Orzhov Usurper50
Arcbound Ravager130
Containment Priest30
Aether Vial120
True-Name Nemesis90
Ancestral Vision50
Mox Amber50
Path To Exile40
Primeval Titan50
Life From the Vault70
Courser of Kruphix20
Summoner's Pact40
Experimental Frenzy10
Vraska, Relic Seeker20
Carnage Tyrant40
Grove of the Burnwillows60
Through the Breach40